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Financial Issues

What if my insurance company denies coverage for bariatric surgery?
Some insurance companies specifically exclude weight loss surgery from their plans while others require additional information to cover the surgery. Some patients gain insurance approval after appealing the initial decision by providing additional documentation from a surgeon or referring physician that surgery is the best therapy to relieve life-threatening obesity-related health conditions or that the patient has tried other medically-supervised options without success. Additionally, Floyd offers competitive cash rates for those patients unable to achieve insurance coverage. Weight loss surgery has been shown to provide a measurable return on investment in two years.

What can I do to improve the chances that insurance will cover my surgery?
Every weight loss surgery candidate should gather diet records, medical records, medical tests and proof of other attempts at weight loss. This reduces the likelihood of a denial for failure to provide necessary information. Letters from your personal physician and consultants attesting to the medical necessity of treatment are particularly valuable. When several physicians report the same findings, it may confirm a medical necessity for surgery.