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Begin Your Journey

You can start your journey to a healthier lifestyle right now by registering for one of our monthly educational seminars or by talking with your primary care physician about your desire for successful, long-term weight loss.

Information Session

Knowledge is vital as you begin to make the decision to have weight loss surgery. Our free information session — either online or in person — provides the information you need to be informed. Led by Dr. Ryland Scott, Harbin Clinic surgeon and medical director of Floyd Center for Bariatric Services, or Dr. Peter Adams, Harbin Clinic surgeon, the two-hour session will include weight loss surgery options, benefits, risks and financial options.

Physician Referral

Before deciding that weight loss surgery is right for you, you should talk to your personal, primary care physician. If you are a candidate, your physician will contact Dr. Scott’s or Dr. Adams' office with a referral. If you have not attended an Information Session you will be scheduled for a session that is convenient for you.

Providing Your Information

Documentation is a crucial part of your weight-loss surgery. Having your medical history will help your physician and surgeon prepare a medical care plan specific to your needs. This information, combined with a record of your past attempts at weight loss likely will be requested by your insurance company prior to approving your surgery.

When you register for an information session you can complete your Get Started packet, a member of our staff will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

Your First Appointment

For your first pre-surgery appointment you should be prepared to discuss the following information with our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ryland Scott, and our staff:

  • Your medical history
  • Your best weight loss option
  • Further medical tests, if needed
  • How to begin preparing for surgery

Although each patient experience is unique, most patients will be asked to complete a variety of assessments prior to scheduling a surgery date:

  • Blood tests, based on your medical history and comorbidities
  • Nutritional consultation, for you to learn more about nutrition, healthy food choices and your post-surgery dietary commitments.
  • Psychological consultation, to discuss the mental aspects of weight-loss surgery. Your appointment will include a three or four hour evaluation. You and your psychologist will discuss mental readiness and recommendations that will help ensure a successful weight loss journey.
  • Pre-operative testing will be scheduled based upon your needs. These tests could include:
    • Endoscopy (EGD)
    • Gallbladder Ultrasound
    • Sleep Studies
    • Cardiac Evaluation

Once you have been approved for surgery and have selected a surgery date, you will have two pre-operative visits with our Bariatric Services team. At these visits, you will receive the information you need to help you prepare in advance for your surgery.