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Am I Morbidly Obese?

The most simple measurement to determine whether your weight may be endangering your health is the Body Mass Index (BMI). Use this calculator to help you determine your BMI.

  • BMI between 25 - 29 is generally considered overweight
  • BMI between 30 - 34 is generally considered obese
  • BMI between 35 - 49 is considered severe obesity
  • BMI over 40 is considered morbid obesity

Do You Qualify for Surgery?

To qualify for weight-loss surgery, your BMI and other qualifications are considered to determine if you are a candidate. The general BMI requirements for surgery are as follows:

  • BMI greater than 35 with comorbidities
  • BMI greater than 40 with or without comorbidities
  • Although not yet covered by insurance providers, the LAP BAND® is FDA approved for use in patients with a BMI of >30 with at least one obesity related medical condition



Note that these are approximate values and are intended to be used only as a guide and not for medical diagnosis.