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How to Enjoy Your Vacation Without Falling Off the Weight Loss Wagon

If you are worried about gaining weight on vacation, don’t be. With a few helpful tips, you can plan a fun-filled vacation that allows you to maintain your weight loss after undergoing lap band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or another bariatric surgery procedure.

While vacation plans may include lounging at the beach or pool followed by extravagant meals, these are not the best options to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Here are my recommendations to avoid vacation weight gain while still having a wonderful time.
What to Eat on Vacation to Maintain Weight Loss

If you plan on dieting on vacation, you need an eating and exercise strategy that works but also allows you to enjoy your time away.

  • Be careful at buffets. Buffets may have many delectable food choices, but it’s so easy to over indulge. If you must eat at a buffet, use the smallest plate, and select tiny portions. Fill up on salads, fruits and vegetables but watch out for calorie-laden dressings. Select lean protein foods, but skip the breads. Also avoid the dessert section, and grab fresh fruit to eat on your way out.
  • Avoid alcohol. The sugar and calories in one specialty cocktail can slow down weight loss without any nutritional benefit. 
  • Shop for fresh food. Bring a cooler from home and keep a stash of local fresh food in your hotel room. This is an inexpensive way to snack, as needed, without resorting to vending machines or takeout pizza. 
  • Keep bottled water on hand. Put several bottles of water in your bag as you leave for scenic outings each day. Grab one when you are tempted to get a bottled soft drink or other sugary drink. 
  • Pack high protein snacks. Continue to eat your protein bars and shakes on vacation. This will remind you of your weight loss commitment, and the high protein will help to keep you full.
  • Walk as much as possible. Avoid using busses or cabs to explore. Walk or bike in your vacation surroundings to burn more calories, strengthen muscles and increase fitness. Take the stairs if walking is limited or the weather is inclement, and avoid using elevators in multistory buildings or tourist attractions. 
  • Take advantage of hotel amenities. Most hotels or resorts have fitness rooms and pools you can use as part of your daily activities. Also ask about hiking tours, golf and water sports nearby. 

Planning for Weight Loss After a Vacation

After a vacation, it’s time to assess your weight and get back on your doctor-recommended eating and lifestyle plan. Check in with your doctor or nutritionist if you need specific advice about getting back on track after a holiday.




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