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Obesity and Your Metabolism – Why Genetics Matter

Have you ever looked at a family portrait and noticed the strong resemblance between parents and their children -- the hair or eye color, the smile or the dimples? It turns out that genetics is responsible for more than our good looks.

New research shows that genetics holds the key to the development of obesity. In fact, scientists have found the body mass index (BMI) of adult offspring is directly correlated with the BMI of parents, as is reduced metabolic activity. This new finding may help researchers understand the genetic link between obesity, metabolic syndrome and diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.
Genetic Predisposition to Obesity and a Slow Metabolism
Many patients complain they eat very little when compared to others in their family. However, they still pack on pounds while the others stay trim. These same patients blame their slow metabolism, and they may be right.
Scientists have discovered a gene that, for the first-time, correlates being overweight with reduced metabolic activity. Reduced metabolic activity is usually associated with hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland. But in this particular study, participants had normal thyroid levels. This led scientists to believe that their slow metabolism was caused by a defective gene. In fact, the identified gene is believed to increase appetite and cause a slow metabolism. That’s a double whammy that’s almost impossible to fight.
Eating High-Calorie Food is Only One Cause of Obesity
Overconsumption of high-calorie, high-sugar food is an important factor leading to the obesity epidemic. However, with the latest findings, we note that food consumption is only one of the many factors involved. My hope is that we learn more about this defective gene that causes slow metabolism and obesity so that millions of people can finally get relief for this disease.
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