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Nutritional Guidelines

The modifications made to your gastrointestinal tract will require permanent changes in your eating habits. While specific questions about nutrition are best addressed by your physician and your dietician, we have compiled some information to help answer some of your basic nutrition questions.

Following these tips will help you achieve your weight-loss goals and limit complications and side-effects that noncompliant patients experience:

  • Chew thoroughly. It is essential that you chew your food completely before swallowing. This helps your body to properly digest the small amount of food you will be eating.
  • Don't drink fluids while eating. Fluids will make you feel full before you have consumed enough food or cause you to experience dumping syndrome. Fluids also may cause food to flush through your stomach without being fully digested.
  • Omit traditional desserts and foods in which sugar is one of the first three ingredients.
  • Omit carbonated drinks, high-calorie nutritional supplements, milk shakes and high-fat foods.
  • Avoid alcohol since it provides empty calories and can upset your stomach.
  • No snacking between meals.
  • Make vitamin and mineral supplements a part of your daily routine. Supplements are essential and will promote proper healing and long-term health. Specific recommendations may vary to accommodate each patient’s particular health needs.