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Weight Loss Options

Successful weight loss with long-term results is dependent on your commitment to lasting lifestyle changes that include making healthy nutrition and exercise a daily routine. This can be achieved through several options, either medically supervised or over-the-counter:

  • Lower calorie meals
  • Exercise
  • Meal replacements (usually with a commercial drink)
  • Prescription weight-loss medicines
  • Commercial, prepackaged meal diet plans
  • Commercial weight-management programs/support groups

Unfortunately, even the most effective non-surgical interventions produce long-term results for only a small percentage of morbidly obese patients. Studies demonstrate a 95 - 99 percent failure rate for morbidly obese patients trying to lose weight medically. Weight loss surgery patients routinely lose more than 60 percent  of their excess body weight and maintain that weight loss long term. Additionally, other studies show that weight loss surgery patients are nine times more likely to be alive in five years than comparable obese patients that did not choose to manage their obesity with surgery.